The company was established in 1930 and is presently one of the most renowned ship chandlers in our country with a long and reputable trajectory.

Throughout the years the company has gained valuable experience and reputation being one of the leading ship suppliers in this area and enjoying the trust of a broad and consistently emerging clientele among the shipping companies.

Our premises located in Colon Street, just one block from the Montevideo port main entrance, count with a total area of 2200 square meters that include three floors of offices and a large working and storage area with cold storage rooms. Our fleet of vehicles include lorries with integrated cooling equipment and vans which allow us to offer a faster and more efficient service. Our work team is involved in the company´s policy in offering our Customers a service of high quality under a vision of permanent growth and improvement. All our efforts, knowledge and experience are at our clients´ disposal for any matter related to the services we render. Our mission is to keep our customers always satisfied by providing high quality of products with a competent service meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Our vision is to be leaders in our activity under a policy of continuous improvement and growth, always striving for excellence, supplying full services in all ports of the country, supported by a strong and reliable structure.